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it is not a bank holiday, but it should be

Artwork from Karen DoloreZ

events of impact, acts that deliberately shift the course of history, hardship affairs, misfortunes, episodes of triumph, grand slam and extreme joy make it to the calendar

she had it all, three hundred and sixty five days ago, when holding her open heart and exposed backbone, she spelled the words that would set them free.

it is not a bank holiday today, but it should be.

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still | it’s a new one

her favourite color is yellow, still. the sun setting behind the hills, her grandmother’s refrigerator memories, her parent’s first kitchen, her childhood home, her favourite sweater. little daisies on her hair, her best friend’s aura.

her least favourite time of the week is Sunday right before sunset, still. all the lovely people going back to their homes, the blue solitude on the partying moments and the urge to be held tight between 4 and 6pm. then a book, a film and when the sun finally sets, her body loosen up and the new week’s excitement begin.

her favorite self-help tool is creativity, she is rekindling herself to it. crafting magic out of her tragedies and using it to heighten her story, to bring her closer to love, to her nature, to what really matters. not further away from it. not anymore.

her favourite word is extraordinary, it’s a new one. deeply rooted, but free. looking into the eyes of another and getting fascinated by what is found there. each moment is a fresh opportunity to honor the courage it takes to re-find/refine herself.